About Us

It is not about us, is it ?

I am Danie Erasmus a professional Tennis Coach. I started the underwear range in my search for something more comfortable to wear on the tennis court! Friends asked me to buy a few extra because they were interested as well and so it all started! Ballsense is my selection of underwear for guys into sport, sports or both. You can’t play without it! And we all know the value of a great presentation! The underwear I’ve chosen are comfortable but will also make you look and feel smoking hot!.

Most of the underwear are a combination of cotton and spandex as well as modal and spandex providing you with a extra bit of stretch were you need it most.. Whether you are into sport or sports – I’m sure you will love it! And then of course I’ve picked those that you requested. If you need any info please don’t hesitate to phone or mail me…